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Global Laser-Run City Tour 2018: New dawns in Guatemala and Venezuela

Laser Run

The rise of the Global Laser-Run City Tour has continued with the first instalment in Guatemala, one of the most progressive nations in the UIPM movement in Central America.

The GLRCT visited Guatemala City on April 7, enabling the Guatemala Pentathlon Association to introduce Laser-Run to the city’s sporting community for the first time.

More than 250 athletes took part in races at the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus School and the event was supported by local commercial sponsors and by the CDAG, the Guatemala Sports Authority.

Ana Ruth Orellana, Secretary General of Guatemalan Federation said: “With these events the Guatemala Pentathlon Association looks to generate a buzz around modern pentathlon and find new talent.  

“We look forward to the two next dates of the Laser-Run circuit of Guatemala City to be held on July 7 at the Swiss School and in November by the National Association. 

“These competitions, together with the school Biathle and Triathle competitions, help our Association to identify new talent and cultivate support for the future.” 

Following the success of this first Global LRCT, the Guatemala Pentathlon Association is expecting a surge of interest for the other two events in 2018, forecasting 400 athletes participating in July and more than 600 in November.

Also in Central America, seven days after the Global LRCT, 268 youth athletes took part in a local Laser-Run awareness event in Anzoategui, Venezuela.

Cesar Rondon, Secretary-General of Venezuelan Federation said: “Our first UIPM Laser-Run event took place in Anzoategui on April 14 and it was very well received by the hundreds of young athletes who took part and also the general public. We are hopeful that we can use the success of this event as a springboard for more Laser-Run development both locally and internationally.”

The UIPM Global Laser-Run City Tour was created in 2017 to deliver an exciting, dynamic and fun competition to participants of all ages and offer them an entry point to UIPM Sports.

The Global LRCT took place in parks, stadiums and iconic urban venues in 60 cities around the world in 2017, with more than 15,000 participants. There are about 100 events scheduled in 2018.

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