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Instructor Group

The UIPM Instructor Group has been created to send expert coaches to the countries newly joined the sport and the countries wish to develop all kinds of sports of UIPM.  UIPM Instructors are ready to help on UIPM Training Camps, seminars, regional competitions and all relevant activites.

The group’s Chairman is Christian Roudaut, a coach of a lot of Modern Pentathlon Olympians, a sport expert from France with great experiencs, expertise, passion and motivation together with his instructor group to help all UIPM member federations on sport development.

If your National federation is interested by any kind of camps, seminars and event or if you are an expert coach with passion of the sport to help Modern Pentathlon Development, please contact UIPM at


UIPM Instructor Group, a group of expertise to help your country, your region to develop UIPM sports at anytime, any where.

Christian Roudaut

Alexandre França

Andy McKenzie

Bernard Moss

Bernhard Petruschinski

Denis Cerkovskis

Edvinas Krungolcas

Gianfranco Cardelli

Istvan Gallai

Mark Taylor

Steven Mason

Marco Quattrini

Michal Janca

Mihail Prokopenko

Nilton Rolim

Raouf Hossam

Kim Raisner

Walid Sayed

Ahmed Amer

Robert Flack

Joshua Riker-Fox

Rick Maynard

Hossam Roshdy

Ahmed Roshdy

Samy Awad

Marek Makay

Carlo Passiatore

Luigi Filipponi

Alexander Kozovski

Tino Bermejo