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Since 2014 the UIPM is part of the FISU (Fédération International du Sport Universitaire – International University Sports Federation).

FISU is responsible for the supervision of the Summer and Winter Universiade, as well as the World University Championships, as the governing body of worldwide competitions for student-athletes between the ages of 17 and 28. It was founded in 1949 in order to promote sports values and encourage sports practice in harmony with and complementary to the university spirit. FISU has member associations from the five continental regions. A development that is not only intellectual, but also moral and physical are fundamental objectives for FISU.


Development Worldwide

The recognition and inclusion of Modern Pentathlon within FISU prompted a long-term project worldwide. A variety of educational and competition activities will strengthen and promote both federations global goals. Modern Pentathlon, and its sub-sport programmes, is implemented at selected universities. Educational material, equipment, knowledge and guidance – especially for the challenging Combined Event (Running and Shooting) – are provided. New technologies are shared.
The collaboration goes beyond the field of play as both parties share common interest in education and development towards “excellence in body & mind”. Merging the educational spirit in sport and academic career are mutual commitments for both, FISU and UIPM. Character building aligned with essential academic and sport values.


In addition to National university competitions a variety of international competitions for individuals or teams are frequently organized. To establish a series of international competitions will be leading up to the first World University Championships (WUC) in Modern Tetrathlon in 2018.

Activities/ Events 2015

As a first international joint UIPM/ FISU event will take place in Mexico-City in combination with the UIPM Junior World Championships in August 2015. The format will be Modern Tetrathlon, individual for women and men as well as a Mixed-Relay competition.

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